If You Could Find The Very Best Digestive System Supplements That Could Remedy Many Of Your Health Problems, Would You Be Interested?


Let Me Ask You Another Question…

 Have you ever suffered from any of these symptoms?

  1.  A lack of energy and general feeling of lethargy
  2. An unwanted bloated stomach coupled with sickly feelings
  3.  Periods of heartburn and indigestion
  4. A niggling lower back pain that seems to keep coming back..

You may have developed dry itchy skin, had unwanted weight gain, or even struggle to put any weight on…

The list goes on of course, and most of us blame it on a stressful lifestyle or simply “getting older”. However, what if you could reverse these symptoms, or better yet, remedy the root cause of the problems so they never bother you again!

Wouldn’t it be great to able to reverse these known health ailments, start feeling better and even have more energy than ever before?

The reality is, whether you believe this or not… the true reason you develop most of these known health problems comes down to one key area. In fact, the terms “gut feeling“ relates to far more than we ever consider…

Yes, you’ve probably guessed that I am talking about your digestive system…

Through years of research, we have learned that the majority of us have an unhealthy digestive system in some shape or form. Moreover, many of us are never aware of how bad our digestive health is in until of course, it’s just far too late…

An unhealthy digestive system will lead on to a number of digestive disorders, serious diseases – a major lack of energy, coupled with a low feeling of general well being, and perhaps… may even lead on to cancer!

The Key to Optimal Health – It All starts With Your Digestive Track

Kiwi-KlenzTo achieve optimal digestive track health, you need to get your whole core in balance. By doing so, you open up your system that makes it far more receptive to the food, drink and nutritional supplements you consume as part of your over-all diet.

 Many people have jumped on to the probiotic health claims, eating certain types of yoghurts and other brands of fiber supplements thinking they will achieve improved health and regularity… The problem however, is that good digestive health goes far deeper than just being regular.

Let’s explore the above research further..

Prebiotics have been proven to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat which strengthens your immune system making it much tougher to develop allergies and diseases.

Let’s explore the above research further…

Prebiotics have been proven to improve our absorption rates of vital nutrients, thus – strengthening your immune system making it more unlikely for a person to develop allergies and many known diseases.

The Probiotic Health Claim Myth

Health claims worldwide have helped to promote and market probioics, however – many of these health claims are nothing than pure marketing hype and one respected source has rejected many of these claims.

Don’t just take our word – browse through the European Food Safety Authority and you will see 180 of these have been rejected and the reports also say that these claims could not be substantiated.

Probiotics are not natural (they do not occur naturally) and are found in fermented substances, such as yogurt for example. By working in large uncontrollable dosages and by even adding bacteria in to your system, the reality is – they could maybe even impair your health!

Although, they are said to be good bacteria, there is no concrete evidence to say whether we need more bacteria, good or bad…

Prebiotics Explored…

 Scientists have proven that prebiotics can reduce the growth of bad bacteria, while at the same time – promoting the growth of good healthy bacteria. When your body stops producing bad bacteria and produces more good bacteria, your general well being improves right away because you have stopped the on going process of damage to your system.

Whether you believe this or not, the many antibiotics our medical doctors have prescribed us have weakened our immune systems. Publicized super bugs, which you may know as E coli and staph infection have been known to cause huge problems among and inside hospitals. However, prebiotics can even stop the progression of these known bugs..

Fitting Everything Together – How It All Works

We have learned that the kiwifruit is one of the most potent foods containing special phenolic compounds found in abundance in the fruits skin. These phenolic compounds contain very powerful anti oxidants that can stop bad bacteria growing from within.

To understand the process in simple terms – what happens is your body is no longer working harder to fight off bad bacteria; it can now digest and push more proteins through your system. Because of this, they don’t lay to rot in your digestive track, thus creating the health problems that follow.

There are natural alternative to those nasty antibiotics and you can even build up a natural defense against many degenerative disease. The prebiotics from the kiwifruit create an environment inside your internal system that will promote the active growth of healthy bacteria.

The fiber that is soluble in nature – found in the kiwi fruits skin and pulp will help to improve general bowel function as well.


By consuming the kiwi fruit goodness daily, on the rare chance you develop the common cold – your body will be able to get rid of the cold faster than normal. The unwanted waste from your body will be able to move through your system much faster, which will prevent extra toxins from escaping in to your bloodstream.

So what Are The The Health Results From Consuming Prebiotics?

  • You’ll have a vast amount of new found energy
  • You’ll lose that bloated gut feeling
  • Your skin will project a clearer youthful appearance, coupled with a new found radiant glow – to name just a few proven health benefits…

Recent research tests have concluded that patients, who showed improvement within their digestive system, consumed at least 3 kiwifruits daily. These results were shown from people who did not even eat the skin. To get all the benefits we have discussed, you would need to eat the skin as well on the fruit.

The reality is however, that consuming 4 kiwi fruits a day is just not practical and moreover – the skin of a kiwi fruit is rock hard and not easily digestible anyhow. In today’s lifestyle, we need a sensible solution…

What We Use – Our Personal Choice…

After countless hours researching the market and going through just about everything currently available, the editors here – decided on a product that uses the Kiwifruit as its main ingredient.

This particular product is from New Zealand and is the best one available – we will discuss why below…

The product we use is manufactured using the entire kiwifruit, including the all important skin as we mention above.

You may be thinking but who eats the skin anyway… However, it’s in the skin that the most important nutrients such as fiber and phenolic are found.

The fact is, other manufactures do not include the skin and extract the nutrients using a high heat process, thus resulting in the loss of many important enzymes.

The product we personally use, produced by a reputable natural health company called  Xtend-Life Natural Health Products, are one of few health companies who take the word “natural” very seriously…

The capsules they use are made from vegetarian sources – not the most common gelatin form, which many companies still use today. (Gelatin is made from animal by-products and is generally not good for us)

Most Prebiotic supplements currently being sold on the market are cut from synthetic compounds. Some popular products for example, use the insulin fiber combination. While these fibers may work for some people, they can cause severe bloating and discomfort in others. In short, these products can never be natural!

On top of this, these types of supplements can feed the unhealthy and deadly bacteria like KLebsiella. Most people already have these bacteria where it lies dormant. However, if it was to procreate and become active – this very bacterium can cause serious infection to the urinary tract, leading on to pneumonia and even death!

We need prebiotic supplements, not probiotic supplements to have a real positive effect on our digestive imbalances. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time and possibly your hard earned cash…

As important as fiber is, you need to know about the four key components that play a crucial role in rectifying digestive imbalances – all of which are in our product of choice – Kiwi-Klenz

Prebiotics – unlike probiotics, prebiotics are obtained from natural food sources such as unrefined grains, and various fruits and vegetables. They are known as the special nutrients that feed our good bacteria (probiotics) which give us optimal digestive health.

Recent scientific research has proven that they can be associated with improving mineral absorption, increased immune system, the reduction in allergies, and improved cardiovascular health.

Soluble Fiber – soluble fiber is one of the key reasons why prebiotics are so beneficial for the colon and increasing overall digestion health. The truth is, most of us won’t ever get enough in our diets because of our poor unbalanced high processed food diets.

The good news is – the product we use, Kiwi-Klenz boasts soluble and insoluble fiber and has more of it than any other supplement on the market.

Digestive Enzymes – enzymes are every important for breaking done the food we eat every day. A deficiency in certain enzymes can result in unwanted health problems.

The Kiwifruit contains a special enzyme called actindin. This special enzyme works just like pepsin and breaks down food in your gut. Standard high heat processing methods kill off these crucial enzymes. The good news for you as a consumer is that Kiwi-Klenz does not use any high heat processing methods.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements Are Nothing
More Than Pure Marketing Hype!

Since many people don’t get enough from their daily diet, they’ll get them from digestive system enzyme supplements. Seems logical enough, but it doesn’t work. The truth is, enzymes consumed in supplement form don’t work -the same way as when they are ingested by real food… here’s why:

Pepsin is your main stomach enzyme for breaking down proteins, and since the enzymes you just consumed in supplement form are made out of proteins, as most enzymes are, they the pepsin enzymes will simply eat them up before they can even benefit your health.

Phenolic Compounds – mostly found on the skin of certain fruits, these special compounds can stop the production of dangerous bacteria and at the same time – promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Such compounds also contain powerful antioxidants that protect us from many dangerous pathogens and the process of pre-mature aging. Examples include wrinkling sagging skin; dark circles around the eyes and a general de-glow of our aura.

The Highest Quality Digestive System
Supplements Currently Available:

When looking and researching for a product as important as a digestive system supplement, choosing one that will actually benefit your health and improve your digestive system isn’t as easy as most people market.

You should always use a company that bases its foundation on honesty and commitment to customer satisfaction and moreover – is true to their word about quality and the actual ingredients used and contained.

Our own dedicated research leads us to a trustworthy, family oreitnated business from New Zealand who offer a 100% guarantee on all of their health products.

Their newest product – aptly named Kiwi-Klenz has been formulated naturally from the kiwifruit and is fast becoming the most effective prebiotic digestive system supplement in the world.

Something Special – A Six Month Guarantee!

Kiwi Fruits-3047

Kiwi Fruits-3047—Abaconda (Flickr.com)

Xtend-Life are very passionate about their health products – they even have a 6 month guarantee on Kiwi-Klenz… How many other supplement manufactures offer a full 6 month guarantee?

Even if you personally believe you have found something you think may be better, you should at the very least – read information in full on the Xtend-Life’s website because it will educate you further so you can make an educated and well informed decision.

You owe it to yourself.

Your Health Deserves The Best…

We highly recommend that you Click Here to check out  Kiwi-Klenz today and see for yourself just how advanced this unique supplement to the industry really is.

Side Note – Before you buy any digestive system supplement, especially a prebiotic formula, you should always pay close attention to the extact processing technique used by the company which is selling the product.

The reality is, taking the wrong prebiotic supplement could actually impair your health! Or, you may only get a fraction of the true therapeutic health benefits because some of the most important nutrients can be destroyed during the manufacturing process.

To your present and future health!